Shocking News: Gmail Data Collection and Nintendo's E3 Lineup

Gmail and ad personalization

Which is the largest email provider in the entire world? If you answered Google, you are definitely correct. The company, mainly known for its search engine, which has somehow managed to keep its crown for more than a decade, is also the proud owner of Gmail, a free email service that's got over 1 billion users.

I can't even start to think at the number of servers that are needed to store and process these amounts of data. If (let's say) a server is able to handle 10,000 accounts - a conservative assumption - Google needs 10,000 servers to do the job. And how do they pay for the energy that keeps them all running?

If you answered "by selling your data", you are correct once again. Just like many other online companies, Google's software analyzes your data, with the goal of providing highly targeted ads. Of course, if you don't want your data to be processed by Google's robots, you can opt for the paid version of Gmail, which is a part of the enterprise suite - G Suite.

Recently, Google has taken a decision which was upvoted by many online privacy advocates. You can now disable add personalization from within your Gmail account. According to Diane Greene, Senior VP at Google cloud, this move brings Gmail ads in line with the way in which ads are targeted in other Google-related products. Thank you, Google!

Nintendo revived at E3?

Which of the top gaming consoles has the least amount of successful titles? Well, Wii U, of course! I own one of these consoles myself, and trust me: it is very disappointing to see my friends getting access to lots of new, high-quality games, while I am left playing Super Mario World for the fifth time.

Don't get me wrong, Mario is a great game! It's probably the main reason why over 70% of people purchase a Nintendo gaming console. But just like me, the other 30% are waiting for other great games to be released on Wii U, and nothing happens.

Actually, nothing happened until this year's E3 announcement! Believe it or not (actually, believe it!) Nintendo not only announced, but also previewed an impressive collection of games at E3 2017.

If, just like me, you've always thought that GTA isn't a game for kids, you will be pleased to find out that Nintendo will release the Super Mario Odyssey game close to the end of the year. From what I have seen, it's the first 3D sandbox title that features Mario is the main character. It's GTA for kids, if you will.

Other titles include Metroid Prime 4, Splatoon 2, Legend of Zelda, Rocket League and a dozen more of surprising titles, including (hold your breath) FIFA 18, which should hit the market this autumn.

I am on the verge of purchasing a Nintendo Switch, because many of these titles will only run on it. There is a single thing that's preventing me from parting with my hard-earned cash, though: what if these will be the only great titles that the Switch will ever get?

So, for now, I'll just wait and see what happens. Will Nintendo regain its former, and now apparently lost, glory? Only time will tell.
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